Mohamed leverages knowledge for sustained success

Mohamed embarked on his career journey in 2005, establishing a small wood dyeing workshop in his vibrant community. In the early days, his clientele primarily consisted of acquaintances and friends. Undeterred by the simplicity of his hand equipment, Mohamed set out to distinguish himself through the mastery of his craft and a commitment to delivering trustworthy and credible work. 

Through a steadfast focus on precision and swift delivery, Mohamed gradually expanded his operations, transforming his modest workshop. Initially completing two or three rooms per month, he evolved to efficiently handle the demands of four or five rooms, accommodating diverse requests. This transformation not only bolstered his professional reputation but also contributed significantly to his income. 

Mohamed attributes a crucial turning point in his career to his participation in courses provided by NEF. These courses equipped him with the tools to navigate challenges, proving instrumental to the success of his enterprise. Embracing principles of honesty and perfection became the cornerstone of his achievements, according to Ahmed. 

Reflecting on his journey, Mohamed encourages fellow small business owners to prioritize continuous learning in fundamental subjects and seek guidance from experienced professionals in their respective fields. His advice underscores the importance of embracing a growth mindset and leveraging knowledge as a catalyst for sustained success. 

Mohamed’s story is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, continuous learning, and a commitment to excellence. His success serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, illustrating the potential for growth and prosperity through resilience and a passion for improvement. 


NEF activities featured above have been implemented as part of a project financed by GIZ commissioned by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany

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