Beirut Explosion Livelihoods Recovery Fund

To support survivors of the Beirut explosion, the Near East Foundation has created a Beirut Explosion Livelihoods Recovery Fund to help the people of Beirut recover and rebuild. Hundreds of thousands of people’s economic and food security are at risk and immediate action needs to be taken to help people survive this tragedy and recover from it.

Support for recovery will be critical in the days and months ahead as the people of Beirut rebuild their livelihoods and communities. Please help us as we respond to the crisis and show the people of Lebanon that they are not alone by making a donation to NEF’s Beirut Rapid Livelihoods Recovery Fund today.

About the Fund: The Fund will support vulnerable skilled workers, households, and small businesses in highly-impacted and poverty-stricken neighborhoods within the explosion area. To support recovery and rebuilding efforts, NEF will mobilize a brigade of skilled workers to repair and rebuild critical infrastructure and support small entrepreneurs restart activities critical for income-generation and employment.

Support for vulnerable skilled workers in critically-needed trades (e.g., construction, painting, plumbing, glazing, blacksmith, electric) with financial and technical support, so they can rapidly restart activities and support for reconstruction/repair efforts. NEF will facilitate employment opportunities by linking skilled workers to the rehabilitation of impacted houses and businesses and priority community assets damaged by the explosion.

Support for housing rehabilitation for vulnerable families impacted by the explosion for essential restorations, such as window and door fitting, electric and plumbing restoration, and light reconstruction support. NEF will provide needs-based support for essential restoration, match skilled workers with supported families, and facilitate local procurement to support local economies.

Support for micro and small businesses and home-based enterprises, located in vulnerable communities within the explosion-impacted area, through rapid support for business restoration, recovery and reintegration. NEF will provide needs-based support for essential restoration, match skilled workers with supported businesses, and provide targeted technical support for business adaptation and recovery.

Why we need to focus on early recovery: Prior to the explosion and pandemic, it was projected that the crises in Lebanon could put more than 155,000 households (850,000 individuals, equivalent to 22% of the population) under the extreme poverty line; and 356,000 households (1.7 million individuals, equivalent to 45% of the population) under the upper poverty line. Programs to address the long-term resilience of Lebanon’s vulnerable communities is critical as people deplete savings, fall deeper into debt, and struggle to access a sustainable income.

Take action by donating to the Beirut Explosion Livelihoods Recovery Fund

$100 will support quick fixes to front doors and windows to safely secure homes and small businesses

$150 will provide targeted business coaching for one entrepreneur to help them restart business activities

$250 will provide support for a skilled worker to recover their lost equipment (tools/materials) so they can get back to work

$350 will provide raw construction materials (glass, aluminum, wood etc.) needed to support safe shelter rehabilitation for a home or small business

$500 will provide “cash for work” to support a vulnerable skilled worker’s employment in the Karantina, Bourj Hammoud, and Khandak Al Ghamik rehabilitating homes and small businesses

$600 will help a vulnerable business owner replace lost equipment, make quick repairs, and access targeted business support to get their business back on track

$800 will support the light restoration (painting, door fitting, window repair) for two small homes

$1,000 will support the safe rehabilitation of a family’s home or small business (e.g.  window and door fitting, electric and plumbing restoration, and reconstruction support)

$2,000 will support 2-3 small business owners to replace lost equipment and access targeted business support to get their business back on track

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