Upcoming Event: NEF and Princeton University Present…

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2016, 4:30 PM
Forecasting the long term impacts and solutions to address the millions of Syrians who have been displaced by conflict will be the focus this panel discussion hosted by Princeton University’s Near East Studies program and the Near East Foundation (NEF).

Panelists will examine the Syrian conflict and how it is affecting the overall landscape of the Middle East from their varied perspectives and focuses.

For questions or additional details please contact ksheehan@neareast.org. Follow updates on the event on Facebook and Twitter.


Director, Program of Near Eastern
Studies at Princeton University

Cyrus Schayegh (PhD, Columbia University, 2004) is Associate Professor at the department for Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University. In 2005-8, he was assistant professor at the American University of Beirut. He has authored Who Is Knowledgeable, Is Strong: Science, Class, and the Formation of Modern Iranian Society, 1900-1950 (California University Press, 2009) and The Middle East and the Making of the Modern World (Harvard University Press, forthcoming); and co-edited A Global Middle East: Mobility, Materiality and Culture in the Modern Age, 1880-1940 (Tauris, 2014) and The Routledge History Handbook of the Middle East Mandates (Routledge, 2015). His current main project, “Globalization meets decolonization: the urban linkage, 1940s-1970s,” focuses on Beirut, Dakar and Singapore.


Charles Benjamin
President, Near East Foundation
Dr. Benjamin has over twenty-five years of experience in international development, with extensive experience in community development and natural resources management though the Middle East and Africa. He began his affiliation with the Near East Foundation in 1993 as Country Director in Morocco. Before joining NEF he spent several years in Morocco as a Fulbright Scholar and as a Peace Corps Volunteer. After leaving Morocco, Dr. Benjamin was Senior Manager for a large international development consulting firm based in Washington DC and a Professor of International Environment Issues and Development at Williams College in Williamstown (MA).

Follow him on Twitter at @NearEastFdn.

Sherine Tadros
Head of NY UN office for Amnesty International
Sherine Tadros is an award-winning former Middle East correspondent for Sky News and Al Jazeera English. She covered the political turmoil in Lebanon in 2007, during which time she was based in Beruit and traveled frequently to Syria. She was one of only two foreign journalists inside Gaza during the Israeli war on the Strip in 2008-09; her work earned her several award nominations, including an Emmy. She was honored with a Peabody Award in 2011 for her reporting on the Arab uprisings in Egypt, Yemen and Libya. In May 2014, she joined Sky News as the Middle East correspondent based in Cairo, and reported regularly from Iraq, Tunisia and Southern Turkey. She joined Amnesty International in June.

Follow her on Twitter at @SherineT.

Firas Kayal 
Senior Policy Advisor, UNHCR
Office in New York

Mr. Firas Kayal’s service with the UNHCR spans for almost 15 years and includes working as a Legal Protection Officer in many countries including Iraq, Yemen, the Gulf Region, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Switzerland. His last position was in UNHCR’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, where he headed the External Relations Unite at Middle East and North Africa Bureau for almost five years. Mr. Kayal works closely with diplomatic missions, donor countries, other UN agencies and international organizations on matters related to public and government relations, public and private fundraising as well as media relations. Firas holds a B.A. in Law from Damascus University and a Masters in International Law (LLM) from the School of Law at Washington University in St. Louis, USA. He is also a Fulbright Scholar.

Follow him on Twitter at @KayalFiras.

Charlotte Alfred
Managing Editor, Refugees Deeply

Charlotte Alfred is managing editor of Refugees Deeply, a platform providing in-depth coverage and analysis of the global refugee crisis and forced migration from the award-winning new media company News Deeply. Before joining Refugees Deeply, Charlotte was a world news reporter at The Huffington Post, where she mostly covered stories in sub-Saharan Africa and Yemen. She previously worked as an associate producer on documentaries for PBS Frontline and spent three years in the West Bank as English editor of the independent Palestinian news site Ma’an News Agency.

Follow her on Twitter at @charlottealfred.

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