Update on NEF Recovery Efforts in Northern Mali

Sevare, Mali (February 27, 2013) — The Near East Foundation (NEF) continues to operate in northern Mali despite the 2013 French military intervention and in the wake of the April 2012 coup d’etat and occupation by Toureg rebels and Al Qaeda-linked extremists.

Almost all of the communities where NEF works in the Mopti Region and the southern part of Timbuktu were affected by the coup and are now beginning the difficult process of recovery.

NEF’s current efforts in Mali are focused on building food security. Among these efforts, NEF is at work purchasing seeds and basic agricultural supplies for eight community gardens in the villages of Korientzé, M’Bessena, N’Gorodia, Dari, Deri, Kikara, and Mounouwel Gafity.

These villages are located in the Mopti Region – one of many areas that have little or no food production due to political instability and persistent drought.

As the planting season approaches in Mali, the NEF team will provide seeds and agricultural supplies, along with assistance to develop water resources, to help farmers produce such crops as potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage, and lettuce to feed a multitude of families.


The Near East Foundation is a U.S.-based international development NGO leading innovative social and economic change in the Middle East and Africa for almost 100 years. Founded in 1915, NEF has helped build more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive communities through education, governance, and economic development initiatives. NEF field staff – all of them from the countries in which they work – partner with local organizations to implement grassroots solutions and build “knowledge, voice, and enterprise.” To learn more visit www.neareast.org.

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