Amal’s treats that touch hearts

Amal embarked on a transformative journey driven by her participation in NEF’s business development training program. With the grant she received of 1,200 USD, Amal envisioned elevating her bakery, inspired by her innovative spirit, she introduced a “plat du jour” or dish of the day to complement her already delicious Manakish products. 

This addition proved to be a game changer, whereby Amal witnessed newfound fame within her neighborhood. Little did the community know, the bakery held a special purpose for Amal and her husband. The venture was initiated to provide their child, who is autistic, with an opportunity to learn a valuable skill and foster independence. As the business flourished, so did the heartwarming story behind it, adding an extra layer of sweetness to every creation. 

Amal ‘s delicious treats not only satisfied taste buds but also touched hearts. The success of her bakery became a testament to the power of determination and the positive impact of community support. Through the strategic use of business development training and grants, Amal not only expanded her culinary talent but also created a thriving enterprise that resonates with the community. 

Today, Amal and her husband proudly run a business that not only brings joy to taste buds but also serves as an inspiration to others. Her commitment to providing her autistic child with a platform for growth has turned the bakery into a symbol of resilience and inclusivity. Amal ‘s journey exemplifies the transformative potential that arises when passion, innovation, and community converge. 

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