NEF’s Response to the Earthquake in Northwest Syria

Based on our preliminary assessment, 15% of the 725 people the Near East Foundation (NEF) supports in Northern Aleppo, Syria, have been significantly impacted by the earthquake. They have all graduated from our business strengthening program and have received financing to build their small business in order to provide basic needs for their families. The earthquake damaged their homes, businesses and livelihoods, so providing for their families has become overwhelming. The impact will be felt for years to come.

NEF is acting now to provide an immediate response, and we’re focusing on how we can support these communities with their long-term recovery.

  • A rapid physical rehabilitation response will be deployed to support the recovery of NEF business borrowers, with priority given to construction, equipment restoration and essential infrastructure rehabilitation businesses, as well as health and education services.
  • These businesses will then be able to help other businesses who need help through rapid emergency services, concentrating our efforts in communities in Suran and Ehtimalat and the broader regions in Mare’ and Azzaz that were most significantly impacted by the earthquake.
  • Our Siraj Market business-to-business platform will connect impacted businesses with businesses that remain fully operational, allowing them to rapidly address the unavailability of essential goods and supplies necessary for the emergency response.

The Near East Foundation is ensuring that beyond receiving immediate aid, earthquake survivors can secure a path forward to provide for their families and rebuild and revive their communities.

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