Strengthening Homes and Communities in Morocco 

The people of Morocco continue to feel the impact of last September’s devastating earthquake. Homes were badly damaged or destroyed, and livelihoods were lost. Many people living in the High Atlas Mountains, where weather conditions can be harsh, lack adequate shelter or the means to recover.  

Near East Foundation (NEF), in partnership with Islamic Relief USA, is leading the response with cash assistance. We are working together with impacted communities to determine what people need most. Building upon our initial earthquake response, which has already reached 600 affected households (over 2600 people), NEF will support more people with a new project.

Even in the spring months, the affected communities are not equipped to handle the cold temperatures of high altitudes. Thousands of Moroccan families continue to live in tents. This month, we will deliver cash assistance to 400 additional earthquake-affected Moroccan households (over 2000 people). They will decide what they need to purchase to stay warm.   

Homes need to be rebuilt or repaired following standards that allow them to sustain seismic shocks. To support reconstruction while strengthening the local economy, NEF will connect 30 skilled workers in the community (such as builders, electricians, and plumbers) with technical experts who will train them to rebuild homes that are up to safety standards. NEF will then finance the reconstruction of 95 houses and help connect skilled workers with families in need.  

This approach provides much-needed aid and helps revitalize construction-related livelihoods and local economies.  

NEF is dedicated to helping vulnerable Moroccans during this critical time. We appreciate the support of our generous donors who are helping to fund this important project.  

These projects are being implemented with the generous support of the Islamic Relief USA and private donations. The views expressed herein are those of Near East Foundation and shall not, in any way whatsoever, be construed to reflect the official opinion of IRUSA, its Islamic Relief affiliates, or its donors. 

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