Monthly Giving

Be a STAR! (Supporters Taking Action Regularly)

STAR is a monthly giving program shining light on how supporting communities regularly can foster bright lasting change. 

With your monthly support, we equip communities with the tools, skills, and resources they need to overcome challenges and to thrive independently. Our work is focused on delivering long-lasting impact and not just quick-fixes. STAR monthly supporters fuel our ability sustain these longer-term programs and help communities to take the lead illuminating their own path to bright lasting change. 

Why become a monthly donor? 

  • Your donation goes further when you give monthly! By donating every month, we can account for and maximize your gift  
  • It’s convenient! Automatic donations ensure that you can make a difference without the hassle. 
  • Monthly giving is a terrific way to fit your philanthropy into a budget by setting long term goals and working towards them a little at a time.  

You can pause or cancel your monthly donation at any time by emailing us at:


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