Civil Society Contributions to Resilience


Near East Foundation works with local civil society organizations (CSOs) as partners and stakeholders to advance their social, economic and environmental resilience. CSOs play a critical role in their communities. They are responsive to the needs and priorities of their communities while being inclusive of diverse groups. In complex and conflict-affected contexts, local CSOs are frontline partners in delivering humanitarian assistance and the ongoing support of social and economic development.

NEF aims to strengthen CSOs’ leadership, organizational capacity, and overall contribution to peaceful resource governance, climate resilience, support to displaced populations, and the economic inclusion of women and youth. Globally, NEF has helped to strengthen, organize, or activate hundreds of CSOs, including local development groups, charities, water user associations, professional associations, women’s associations, and youth associations.  

A key tool in NEF’s approach is the Organizational Model Innovation (OMI). The model guides CSOs through a process that strengthens their capabilities, sustainable income, funding support, networks and partnerships. This helps maximize CSO effectiveness and social impact. 

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