Nature-based Solutions and Innovations


Near East Foundation works with community-based partners to restore, protect, and sustainably manage natural resources that serve as the foundation for economic, social, and ecological well-being and resilience. 

Many constraints and pressures involving natural resources and ecosystems can be solved by improving or adopting new technologies or by restoring existing ecosystems. NEF partners with local governments, civil society and community-based groups, private businesses, universities, and public research institutions to identify, introduce and pilot innovative practices that help individuals and communities become more resistant to climate shocks and stresses.  

In agricultural communities, NEF works with producers to harness non-conventional water resources, introduce water-efficient crops and farming practices, adopt improved technologies, and take other actions to conserve and sustainably manage water resources. Practices include greywater recycling, rainwater harvesting, and soil and water use efficiency and conservation. 

We support the physical restoration, regeneration, and protection of critical wetlands, forests, water, and soils and the complementary governance and institutional development needed to ensure inclusive and sustainable resource management in the long term.  



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