Peace Building Through Cooperation


Fragile and conflict-affected communities face multiple crises like climate change, market disruptions, poverty and development deficits. In addition, localized interpersonal conflicts over shared resources can both feed into and be exacerbated by broader conflicts and fragility. Resource scarcity, exclusion, weak governance, and limited skills for peaceful conflict mitigation and resolution at local levels contribute to these conflicts. New and historical grievances also can escalate broader tensions and conflict.  

Near East Foundation works with ethnically and economically diverse communities to develop and employ participatory approaches, tools and plans for collaboratively managing natural resources and engaging in cooperative value chain development in a manner that is equitable, peaceful, sustainable, and—where possible—it can strengthen intergroup relationships. The approach focuses on strengthening local capacities and institutions that prevent and resolve conflicts while creating opportunities to engage person-to-person to solve problems and build constructive relationships and trust. 

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