Private Sector Development


Small and medium-sized enterprises operating in complex settings, such as remote and marginalized regions or areas affected by or recovering from conflicts and crises, need access to specialized teams to provide them with sustainable and accessible business support. Near East Foundation connects emerging and vulnerable entrepreneurs with resources to launch and grow their businesses successfully. 

The program’s inclusive and innovative approach to enterprise growth blends numerous streams of support to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem and reach small and medium-sized business owners at different points in their entrepreneurial journeys. The most fundamental support is highly inclusive, serving even those whose businesses are operating in challenging operational, security or market environments.  

The program reaches beyond direct and individualized support to also strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem through engaging regulators (e.g., local authorities, line ministries), commercial actors (e.g., input suppliers, wholesalers, exporters), service providers, financial institutions, and community institutions to collaboratively break down barriers to entrepreneurship, business growth, and job creation and ensure available services are easily accessible and tailored to the individual needs of each entrepreneur and its workforce.  

An environment for business growth that reduces risk also increases access to capital and networks, provides access to high-quality services and support for entrepreneurs and the workforce, helps strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises, and leads to job creation and improved livelihoods.  


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