Ahmad hopeful new beginning after returning home

“I am more confident with myself, more confident with my business, and my ability to sustain it.”

Ahmad lives in Syria with his nine children. Ahmad used to work as an electrician, but he lost his job when they fled Syria because of the war. After a few years, he returned to his home city, but he had difficulty finding work or support. His income was only $50 per month, which was not enough to take care of his family.

One day, while he was at the market, he read Near East Foundation’s (NEF’s) Siraj center advertisement about loans and training opportunities. He was hoping this could be a chance to start his own business and increase his income to better support his family.

After a site visit and vulnerability assessment, Ahmad was accepted for a no-interest micro-loan of $1200 to be paid back over 16 months. He also completed Siraj trainings where he learned about time management, marketing, profitability, expenditure calculations, and customer service.

“Siraj trainings helped me to study the market and determine the specific needs for the area and customers.”

Ahmad proudly opened his own store selling groceries, dairy items, detergents and water. He used his loan to purchase tools, goods and other supplies for his business.

Now, Ahmad’s shop has provided him with a more stable income allowing him to meet most of his household’s basic needs.

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