Celebrating Farah

Frustrated with her job in travel and tourism, Farah, 25, dreamed of running her own business. She had a long standing interest in photography and videography, but it was when she became involved in the Development Impact Bond (DIB) project, her dream became a reality. 

After being accepted into the DIB’s first cohort of participants, Aya participated in a five-day intensive training. “After attending the training and learning how to prepare business plans and calculate expected returns, I realized that filming two or three parties a month will guarantee me a financial return that is equal to or even greater than my monthly paycheck.” Once she understood the financial viability of starting a business, she seized the opportunity. “Before attending the training, I had never thought of resigning. Yet as I came up with a business plan for my project, I started to see things clearly. I resigned on the same day.” 

When thinking through her business plan, Aya also realized that she could offer more than just photography. After receiving praise from her friends on how she had supported planning their parties, Aya decided that she could also offer party planning services.  

Through tailored support from NEF Master Trainers, Farah further refined her business plan, and invested in professional photography and events equipment using a JOD 600 grant. 

After careful thought, Farah decided to call her business “Bano”, Persian for “the lady of the place”. For her, this represents her strength as a female boss.  

After launching Bano, Aya received regular visits by NEF master trainers. Upon their advice, Aya expanded her services to new areas, reaching three new cities. “One trainer suggested that I invest in promoting my project through Instagram, which I did. As a result, my followers jumped from 300 to more than 6,000… reaching more than 120,000 users.” 

As a result of starting her business, Farah has doubled her previous salary.  She is also thrilled to share her new knowledge and experience with friends. With her support, her sister has also started a chocolate business. “At the beginning of my project, I used to help my sister with her tuition fees for university, but today, after launching her own business, she is able to rely on herself.”  

Bano has continued to expand its party planning services, and now employs four young people to provide A-Z event planning services. 

“Farah is one of hundreds of women who, with simple support, can positively change not only their own lives but also the lives of their families.”
NEF Business Development Officer

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