Jabar, West Bank

In a region where agriculture is the backbone of the people’s livelihoods and culture, water is the most important resource. The Palestinian West Bank experiences shortages all over the area and trucking in water can be expensive. Olive farmers must be very careful how they use their water. Irrigated trees can yield up to 78% more olives snd 96% more olive oil than unirrigated ones.

Olive Oil Without Borders participants are trained to make the most of their water through techniques designed to maximize the tree’s usage and slowly decrease water use between planting and harvesting. Farmers like Jabar from the West Bank village of Salfit see the differences immediately and teach others the process.

Olive Oil Without Borders is a three year collaboration between NEF and USAID, designed to promote economic cooperation and knowledge sharing between Palestinian and Israeli olive producers. Workshops, hands on training, marketing and business planning are just a few of the elements shared between the two, facilitated by NEF. The project is currently in its second three-year iteration.

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