Author name: Jami Fancher

Vergine’s Bakery

“The fear that I cannot make it, cannot have a bakery, or run a business, disappeared and I decided to find a space for my bakery. After long searches, we finally found and rented the space.” In 2020, Vergine lost her husband in the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War. She was one of many grieving Armenian women …

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Azganush Saves Up For a New Home

In 2022, NEF launched STRIVE, a new countrywide program in Armenia helping local charitable organizations improve resiliency and sustainability and increase the capacity for innovation. Grants were awarded to 24 Armenian organizations to fund projects making a positive and lasting impact on communities.  Azganush lives in Zovuni, a rural village in the Armenian marz (province) …

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Innovative Entrepreneurs Making an Impact

“The Youth Climate Innovation Incubator gave me the vision to transform research work into a sustainable solution that contributes to the development of our society.” Samia Samia and Nadia, two students at the Cadi Ayad University and co-founders of the Shrimp Green Water (SGW) start-up, are amongst the many entrepreneurs participating in NEF’s Youth Climate …

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Mohamed leverages knowledge for sustained success

Mohamed embarked on his career journey in 2005, establishing a small wood dyeing workshop in his vibrant community. In the early days, his clientele primarily consisted of acquaintances and friends. Undeterred by the simplicity of his hand equipment, Mohamed set out to distinguish himself through the mastery of his craft and a commitment to delivering …

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Celebrating Farah

Frustrated with her job in travel and tourism, Farah, 25, dreamed of running her own business. She had a long standing interest in photography and videography, but it was when she became involved in the Development Impact Bond (DIB) project, her dream became a reality.  After being accepted into the DIB’s first cohort of participants, …

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