South Sudan


South Sudan, a young nation that gained independence in 2011, faces numerous development challenges. Despite a history of conflict and political instability, South Sudan holds abundant natural resources, including oil reserves and fertile agricultural land. However, it requires sustainable infrastructure, effective governance, and social services to capitalize on these assets fully.

NEF aims to promote sustainable development and resilience in South Sudan with innovative programs that enhance food security and foster economic growth through livelihood diversification and entrepreneurship. NEF works to strengthen local institutions and promote good governance, enabling communities to take charge of their own development and paving the way for long-lasting change.

Since 2021, NEF has supported conflict-, displacement-, and climate-affected communities in South Sudan with programs to improve food security and self-sufficiency as well as health and wellbeing through community-led initiatives in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and agricultural production.


Stabilization and Peacebuilding
Climate Resilient Development
Inclusive Economic Development
Inclusive Economic Development
Inclusive Economic Development

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